President, Hazard & Siegel, Inc.

Dave has over 35 years of experience in retirement and financial planning. Based in Syracuse, NY, Dave is president of Hazard & Siegel, as well as a personal financial advisor.


In business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Fiercely Independent is more than a slogan at Hazard & Siegel, it’s a business and personal philosophy. Having spent most of my career advising and building financial strategies, I have strong convictions about how an independent financial services business should operate. Hazard & Siegel is set up to optimize your abilities and opportunities and ultimately build personal, professional, and financial independence for you.

The financial services industry can be complicated, but that’s where we come in. Our internal mantra is “In business for yourself, but not by yourself”. This means that we are here to support you as you work to grow your business. I work directly with our representatives to provide strategic services that benefit their clients by providing sound financial solutions and retirement strategies for a secure and independent future.

As Chief Compliance Officer I work everyday to make sure that Hazard & Siegel, and our financial representatives are in compliance with SEC and FINRA regulations. This takes the burden off our representatives so they can focus on serving their clients. But we go beyond just compliance, we commit to doing what’s right for your clients, not serving financial markets or looking to move products or services. We believe this helps build a reputable and sustainable business for representatives who care about building for the future.

As President of Hazard & Siegel, my team and I work everyday to support our financial representatives in their quest for personal, professional and financial independence. I personally work directly with our representatives to deliver the best financial strategies and information for their clients. We provide work space, conference rooms, customer relationship tools, seminars, and marketing support to encourage business growth and professional development.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of financial professionals build meaningful and lucrative careers, we can do that for you too. Call me and let’s talk.