THE HAZARD & SIEGEL STORY : Over 50 Years of Independence

Our Guiding Principles

Hazard & Siegel is an organization built by people like you, independent-minded financial professionals. As the oldest broker-dealer in Upstate New York, Hazard & Siegel has been providing excellent business opportunities for independent brokers for over 50 years. Our success is based on a commitment to create a culture for financial professionals based on entrepreneurship, compliance, personal responsibility, and transparency.

We partner with financial professionals who share our values and our commitment to integrity, independence, unbiased investment advice, and service. In return, we enable their success through a fiercely independent financial services business environment. Hazard & Siegel offers non-proprietary products including mutual funds, managed accounts, alternative products, annuities, and life insurance. Furthermore, our compliance knowledge, industry expertise, and marketing services help our financial professionals develop their business plan.

In short, the Hazard & Siegel mission is to offer and provide an organization in which the independent financial professional can deliver high-quality products and services to investors across our service areas

Our Leadership Team

Alexander “Lex” Joseph Jr., CEO

With over 43 years in financial services, Lex began his career selling insurance directly to the public through Alex S. Joseph Associates, Inc. and the Monarch Life Insurance Company. Lex then became director of sales for a local insurance company where he recruited and developed general agents for the company throughout the northeast. Lex then rejoined Alex S. Joseph Associates to help expand the family business and grew the agency to over 200 independent brokers. In 1984 seeing opportunities for growth in the retirement planning marketplace he co-founded Omega, Inc., a third-party administrator of pension plans, currently servicing over 700 plans. In 2003 with a vision for how an independent broker-dealer should function, Lex purchased Hazard & Siegel, Inc., and with a business partner, Dave Mullen founded Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services, LLC and Hazard & Siegel Agency, LLC to form a comprehensive financial services operation.

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Dave Mullen, President & Chief Compliance Officer

Dave has been in the financial services industry for over 35 years, starting with Connecticut Mutual Life in 1984, then running his own award-winning practice and ultimately fulfilling a variety of supervisory roles in mutual funds and insurance sales. As Dave anticipated the shifts that would be taking place in the financial services marketplace, he migrated to the independent broker-dealer industry bringing his knowledge, insight, and supervisory skills that helped Hazard & Siegel grow into the organization that it is today. Dave’s experience provides leadership in all aspects of broker-dealer management and planning; especially for compliance, financial planning, operations, and human resources.

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Helen Joseph, Comptroller

Helen has over 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial industries. A graduate of Onondaga Community College, Helen worked in the accounting department at two local insurance companies before becoming the comptroller at Omega, Inc. in the mid 1980s. In 2003 she became the comptroller for the Hazard & Siegel family of companies in addition to her duties at Omega, Inc.

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Stephanie Urban, Director of Operations

Stephanie has been involved in the operations side of broker-dealers for close to 25 years. Starting out at a major insurance company, she then worked at one of the largest independent broker-dealers in the country. Stephanie has been with Hazard & Siegel since the company was acquired and has been a key executive in the management and growth of the organization.

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Clyde Goldberg, LUTCF RFC, Compliance Officer

Clyde brings a unique set skills and experience to his position as Compliance Officer; with his  50 years plus of experience from insurance agent, regional vice president, to launching and running an insurance company domiciled in the State of New York. He stays abreast of changes in laws, policies and procedures that impact the daily operations, procedures and day to day compliance within the firm. In addition, he is always available to visit with the firms’ professional advisor’s and review a marketing idea, product or a particular opportunity with a prospect or client. You can hear him say, “tell me the story behind what you are recommending, write it down as if an auditor is reviewing the file and we are not there with them to translate.”

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Alex Joseph III, Compensation Specialist

Alex has been involved in the daily mangement of Hazard & Siegel for more than a decade. He is involved in the daily strategic and tactical planning and management of daily operations with the internal, as well as working directly with financial representatives to insure they stay informed and have the resources they need to grow their independent financial practice. Alex has also built a strong client base at Hazard & Siegel by providing my clients with sound investing advice, retirement planning strategies, and insurance products.

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Anna Martin, New Accounts Department

For the past 6 years, Anna has been a key component of Hazard & Siegel
working specifically in the new accounts department. She has knowledge and
expertise in providing exceptional customer service. Her commitment to
excellence and attention to detail have earned her a reputation as a trusted
colleague within the firm. Anna graduated from OCC with a degree in early
child education. She enjoys reading, kickball and spending with her family.

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The Hazard & Siegel Family Of Companies

Hazard & Siegel is the oldest independent broker-dealer in Central New York. Beginning in 1967, Graceffo and Siegel opened as independent
broker-dealer and later changed its name to Hazard & Siegel, Inc. in the 1970s. The firm was subsequently purchased by Alexander “Lex” Joseph Jr in 2003. Hazard & Siegel continues to prosper under the leadership of CEO Lex Joseph and President David Mullen, who have a combined 60 years of industry experience. Throughout its history, our firm has maintained the highest standards for both its clients and its independent financial professionals. We have served tens of thousands of investors in the process.

Hazard & Siegel Inc. – Broker-Dealer
This is the original independent broker-dealer corporation and is a traditional pay-per-transaction securities business. As a traditional broker-dealer, we are able to offer investment choices that ultimately serve you in reaching your goals. These include mutual funds, REITs, BDCs, annuities, and life insurance products.

Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services LLC – Investment Advisory
This is the advisory aspect of Hazard & Siegel’s financial services and is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) providing retirement and wealth management counseling. As an RIA, Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services is committed to providing informed guidance to our financial professionals and ultimately your clients. We offer several options for professionally managed investments within a fee-based account. This provides the ability to offer individual, joint, trust, and qualified accounts under one overall account. The tax-efficiency, accounting, and transparency of these accounts make analysis and periodic reviews straightforward.

Hazard & Siegel Agency LLC – Annuities, Life, and Related Insurance Products
The life & health insurance industry is where the current owners of Hazard & Siegel began their careers. Understanding the importance of having solid choices in product for the independent broker is critical to maintaining a competitive edge in the life & health insurance market. Hazard & Siegel Agency has a diverse choice of competitive fixed & variable insurance products, with a multitude of companies to choose from. We constantly monitor each product to make sure we are recommending the best possible solution for you and your client. Click here to see the most recent fixed company update.

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Hazard & Siegel Strategic Partners

Omega Inc.
Omega, Inc., is an independent, qualified plan design and third-party administration (TPA) firm, located in Dewitt, New York. We are the oldest independent TPA in Central New York and have served the area for over 30 years specializing in the design and service of pension, profit-sharing, and 401(k) plans for small and medium-sized businesses. Omega services as a TPA include 401(k), profit sharing, defined benefit, cash balance, age-weighted, new comparability, money purchase, and 403(b) plans. Omega, Inc., currently provides services for approximately 700 clients and handles over $500 million in Plan deposits.
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Alex S. Joseph Associates, Inc.
Over a one-half century of combined experience means that Alex S. Joseph Associates, Inc. and Hazard & Siegel Agency, LLC are dedicated to increased knowledge and awareness of various insurance products available to our professional brokers in today’s insurance marketplace. With dozens of vendors and hundreds of products, we are confident that you will find the right program for your client. In addition, our Syracuse-based service team is available along the way to assist in product selection, underwriting, placement, and compensation. Whether you are looking for competitive life insurance, annuity, disability income, and related products, or need assistance with placing a special risk case, we are here to help you.
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Our Advisors and Service Area
Hazard & Siegel composes a large network of financial professionals, with a service area extending across 40 U.S. States.
Our headquarters is located in Syracuse, NY.

Memberships & Associations