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Independent financial professionals are free to make the best decisions for you because they are not tied to any particular investment company, mutual fund or investment product. Your goals and financial situation are unique, and an independent financial professional has the freedom to provide financial guidance based on your best interests.


Building a Lasting Relationship

Financial goals change for all of us over time, and an independent financial professional will be there to help no matter what stage of life you’re in. These include retirement planning, family financial needs, college planning, long-term care challenges, investment strategies, wealth management, estate planning, insurance needs, and wealth transfer. Your financial guide will work closely with you to build a financial road map for the road ahead.

Retirement Planning

To achieve a successful retirement we ensure that investors understand both the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement planning. Equipped with this knowledge, our clients are better suited to make informed decisions to prepare for ongoing needs, emergency reserves, tax obligations, and traveling or big ticket items during retirement.

Wealth Management

Financial security and independence, that’s what our wealth management services help you achieve. Through careful planning, and selecting the right investment and insurance solutions, a Hazard & Siegel Financial Professional will ensure you build, preserve, and manage your wealth. As a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA), Hazard & Siegel Financial Professionals have access to a network of wealth management professionals.

Insurance Solutions

Protecting your wealth and investments should be an integrated part of your total financial picture. Fortunately, a Hazard & Siegel Independent Financial Professional has a wide array of life, disability, and long-term care products so that when their client is ready to discuss protection we are there.

Wealth Transfer

Having a plan to transfer your wealth offers an opportunity for you to create a legacy and provide valuable benefits to the people and causes that you care about. A wealth transfer plan will protect your assets and make sure they are handled to your wishes while relieving the burden of those close to you when the time comes to distribute your assets. We are wealth transfer experts, talk to us to find out more.

Education Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for education expenses. Our financial professionals can help inform the decision-making process such as in-state vs. out-of-state options, financial aid consideration, and the best saving strategies for college expenses like a 529 plan.


Personal Financial Guidance

As part of the Hazard & Siegel Financial Network, independent financial professionals are free to use the fee structure that they want. Management fees can be based on a percentage of your assets managed or you can pay an annual flat fee for financial guidance services. Either way, you have the option to choose, and you can be confident that your financial professional will do what’s in your best interest.

A Hazard & Siegel Independent Financial Professional belongs to a network of registered investment advisors, insurance professionals, and investment brokers that provide a full range of financial and insurance solutions to grow your assets and protect your wealth. When you need a comprehensive lifetime financial solution, an Independent Financial Professional will guide you to financial success.

One of our financial professionals will reach out to you to discuss your financial planning needs.

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