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Financial planning is an essential aspect of any business. It involves creating a roadmap for the financial well-being of you and your company by outlining the steps that need to be taken to achieve the desired financial goals. A well-crafted plan builds security for your and your employees.


Financial Independence for You and Your Employees

Your employees or group members are a key asset to your organization and offering financial benefits beyond salaries can provide a level of financial security that your employees will certainly appreciate. Hazard & Siegel has been providing a full range of benefit related financial services to many businesses for decades, including 401(k) plans, simple, sep, IRA, and insurance solutions ranging from life, disability, and annuities. Our Independent Financial Professionals with the Hazard & Siegel Network to provide comprehensive investing, insurance, and plan management services.

Financial Guidance for Business

Our financial professionals help businesses design and implement retirement plans for their employees. There are several options when it comes to retirement planning and your Hazard & Siegel representative can help you make the best decision. We are 401(k) experts, but also offer SEP, SIMPLE, and individual retirement plans.

  • Retirement Plan Design
  • Integrating your personal and business financial planning
  • Optimize Your Strategic Business & Tax Planning
  • Business succession or exit strategy

Your Hazard & Siegel representative will discuss your options and what works best for you and your organization, so you can walk away with a thorough understanding of retirement plans, and personal and business financial strategies.

Insurance Solutions for Business

Insurance is an absolute necessity when planning out your financial roadmap. Your Hazard & Siegel representative will help you understand the importance and advantage of protecting your wealth and assets with insurance. We have decades of experience working with all types of insurance so we can find the right solution for your specific requirements including: 

    • Key Person Solutions
    • Life Insurance
    • Buy/Sell Solutions
    • Disability Insurance

401(k) and Retirement Plan Design, Management, and Administration

When you need to set-up a retirement plan for your organization, we have a solution. Omega, Inc., is an independent, qualified plan design and administration firm located in Dewitt, New York. Founded in 1984, Omega, Inc. has specialized in designing and servicing pension, profit-sharing, and 401(k) plans for small and medium-sized businesses.  Since its inception, the company’s philosophy has been to design Plans on a personalized basis and to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

Omega, Inc., currently provides services for approximately 700 clients and handles over $500 million in Plan deposits.