There comes a time in every financial professional’s career when you start to think about how you would run your own business. At Hazard & Siegel, we’ve been helping independent-minded professionals build their financial businesses for over 50 years as a Broker/Dealer, Registered Investment Advisory (RIA), and Insurance Agency.  As a financial professional, you know your clients best – our job is to provide the knowledge, network, resources, and support necessary for you to build a thriving business.


What does fiercely independent mean?

It means no monthly quotas, no preferred investment vehicles, and no corporate politics, essentially the freedom to run a business that is best for you and your clients. As a Hazard & Siegel financial professional, you have access to decades of experience from our team of financial experts, as well as co-working space, conference rooms for meeting with clients, the latest technology tools, and marketing support to grow your business. The Hazard & Siegel financial network is an established and trusted business partner for the independent-minded financial professional. Join us today to build the business you always dreamed of, and enjoy a career on your terms


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It all starts with you. What you want your practice to look like. We will help you define the vision for your future.

Our implementation team will work with you to get you started. Our experts are here to help you implement your plan.

Start out strong! Working with our financial experts, we will help you develop a plan for you and your clients.

Live your dream and be part of our Fiercely Independent network of financial professionals. We’re always here for you.


As part of the Hazard & Siegel team, we will work together with you to enhance your business while fostering the development of your own “brand.” Hazard & Siegel will facilitate comprehensive support by providing top quality products, advisory services, compliance, marketing, and training. Our approach is to streamline your workflow as much as possible and eliminate organizational roadblocks that are typical of larger organizations with proprietary products and “captive” relationships with brokers.

Financial Products and Services

  • No proprietary products forced on you and your clients
  • No “steering” toward a certain vendor
  • Direct access to over 30 insurance companies
  • Access to a variety of 401(k) vendors
  • Selling agreements with public nontraded REITs and BDCs
  • Access to a wide range of Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Platforms
  • College planning with 529 plan sponsors across multiple states

Financial Products and Services

  • Cloud-based CRM
  • Electronic New Application
  • Submission System
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Email Archiving
  • Web and Video Conferencing

Professional Financial Services

We provide a variety of essential services to back you up.


Your full-service Broker/Dealer for the personal service your clients expect from you

Registered Investment Advisory

Multiple RIA relationships and platforms for fiduciary-based investment management.

Insurance Services

Comprehensive insurance services including life, annuities and disabilitY

Marketing Support

Grow your business with sales materials and marketing tools to support your brand

Not sure yet?

Here are even more ways we support our Independent Financial Professionals.

Consulting Services

Retirement Planning

Our professional planning helps you ensure that your clients understand both the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement planning.

Wealth Management

Wealth management tools using both a solicitor arrangement with a selected group of money management firms and sub-advised solutions.

Education Planning

A full-range of products and guidance on school selection, financial services and advice to minimize the impact on financial aid.

Wealth Transfer

Comprehensive planning strategies to transfer wealth from baby boomers to their family and heirs.

Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

Registered Investment Advisory
Multiple RIA relationships and platforms for fiduciary-based investment management.

Mutual Funds

A family of funds providing a well-diversified portfolio for your clients. Ongoing due diligence determines if we enter into selling agreements.


A high-quality selection of fixed/indexed/variable tax-advantaged income-generating products is available to you for your client.

Insurance Products

Providing a wide array of life, disability, long-term care, and annuity products so when your client asks for the protection you’re ready.