Financial Insider Q1 2022

Message From The President

Welcome to the latest edition of our Financial Insider newsletter. This issue’s focus is on leveraging SEC mandates and how working with Hazard & Siegel provides a competitive advantage for you, we will also look at the opportunities to convert SEP retirement plans into a 401(k),  and the advantage of buffered annuities for protecting investor income during turbulent times. 

-David Mullen
President, Hazard & Siegel, Inc.

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Hazard & Siegel Rep Profile

Kurt Finkbeiner

Principal of KF Retirement Strategies, LLC

Kurt has over 35 years of experience in financial planning. Kurt specializes in retirement planning as the foundation for Wealth & Life Management℠. Based in Syracuse, NY, Kurt has helped many learn about their current financial resources, how they are being utilized, and if they fulfill both their needs, wants, and wishes.

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